What I do


Sound and silence capture me equally. The sound emits from philosophy, literature, punk rock and hardcore, ambient abstraction, poetry, and classical Buddhism--signals that are best received in the passion, heat, and fury of live transmission. The silence that absorbs me is discovered in the still, barely moving introspection called meditation.


Useful things begin to happen when we vocalize ideas together with others. It helps us to clarify our thinking, to expose our ideology. In dialogue, we stumble over our own hidden beliefs. And, whether we like it or not, we see new perspectives. Through silence–whether we desire so or not–we become more fully immersed in our sensorium, more sensitive being alive.


In my living, writing, and teaching, I explore what both cultivated silence and engaged dialogue might offer the individual and society. And what might that be? I can't say, of course. But I do find the process to be the most bountiful when all participants courageously range between the searing sizzle of sound and the creative coolness of the still.